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Last Updated: 27 July 2018

Sep 13 Roger Taylor Vicksburg
Oct 4 Walter Lewis Great Lakes Steam at Sea in the Civil War
Nov 1 Gord Sly
Gary McCabe
Civil War Songs with a brief history of each song
Dec 6 Gord Bell The Antebellum Trail - Missed by the Union Army and Too Good To Be Missed
Jan 10 Volker Gruetzner JEB Stuart's Prussian Aid - from the original writings by this man.
Feb 7 Derek Sykes Lt Gen Ulysses S. Grant
Mar 7 Dr. Cheryl Wells The Civil War from a Global Perspective
Apr 4 Bill Cookman Quartermaster General Montgomery C. Meigs
May 2 Lloyd Therien The Dahlgren Gun in the Civil War
Jun 6 Bill Molson Florida's Impact on the Civil War