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Last Updated: 10 April 2017

May 4 Bill Cookman William F. (Baldy) Smith
Jun 1 Brady Hennigar Why history? Why the ACW? Re-enacting. Buildup of the Union navy: all through the Eyes of our Youngest Member
Sep 14 Doug Huddle "While He Slept, I was in the Saddle All Night"
Oct 5 John Fox The Great Train Heist
Nov 2 Derek Sykes Lt. Gen. U.S. Grant
Dec 7 John Moyer 1861-65: "A Horse's Tale"
Jan 11 Paul Van Nest Brandy Station
Feb 1 Tarun Roy A Visit to City Point
Mar 1 Murray Hogben Col. Starkweather Holds On at Perryville
Apr 5 Gord Sly Guerrilla War in the Civil War
May 3 Chris Hall Causes of the Civil War
Jun 7 Dr. Cheryl Wells The Civil War: a Global Perspective