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Last Updated: 13 June 2022

Jan 13 Paul Van Nest The Fishhook Line at Gettysburg: the Eye or the Barb?
Feb 3 Roger Taylor Monumental Decisions: The Civil War in New Mexico
Mar 3 Bill Cookman Did Railroads Win the War?
Apr 7 Murray Hogben George Washington Getty and the Sixth Corps at Cedar Creek
May 12 Gord Sly The Impact of American and British/Canadian Relations that Culminated in the American Civil War and Canadian Confederation
Jun 9 Paul Van Nest The Battle of Fredericksburg: Not Just the Sunken Wall
Sep 8 Larry Cotton Rich Man's War - Poor Man's Fight
Oct 6 Dave Dorward History of the 8th. Wisconsin and Old Abe, and a surprising Canadian connection
Nov 3 Peter and Michelle Clarabut Food and Ration Supplies in the Civil War
Dec 1 Rod Holloway From Reconciliation to Revenge:Changes in the Manner in Which the American Civil War was Fought
Jan 5 Bill Cookmans Maj. Gen. William Mahone: A Little Man Leaves a Large Footprint
Feb 2 Dr. Cheryl Wells Daughters of the Confederacy and the Reconstruction of the Confederate Nation
Mar 2 Ross Cossar Civil War Gaming with Focus on [TBA]
Apr 6 Bruce Cossar An Environmental History of the Civil War
May 4 Gord Sly Newspapers, Magazines and Literary Works During The Civil War
Jun 1 Robert Conner Abolition as a Union Aim