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Last Updated: 1 Jun, 2024

Jan 11 Paul Van Nest Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox, Confederate General
Feb 1 Dr. Michelle and Pete Clarabut An Evening with Admiral Farragut
Mar 7 Dr. Cheryl Wells Juneteenth: From a Local Celebration to a National Holiday?
Apr 4 Bill Cookman Christian Commission / U.S. Sanitary Commission
May 2 Gord Sly Was The Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, a Part of the Conspiracy to Assassinate President Abraham Lincoln?
Jun 6 Murray Hogben The Use and Abuse of Black Troops:
The Battles of the Crater and Newmarket Heights
Sep 14 Roger Taylor The Union's First Victory: The Lessons learned
Oct 3 Mark Pearce Salisbury: Life in a Confederate Prison
Nov 7 Doug Huddle Battle of Five Forks
Jan 9 Dr. Cheryl Wells The Widow of the South: Carrie McGavock
Feb 2 Paul Van Nest TBA
Mar 2 Brent Holland Analysis of the film Gettysburg
May 4 Gord Sly The Naval Battle of Memphis TN
Jun 1 Rod Holloway Who Killed Lincoln? A Question Still Unsolved aft 160 Years